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MONETA – A true digital leader

MONETA is a digital leader on the Czech banking market. MONETA respects and builds on history but it is not afraid of progress and change. At MONETA, we see challenges as opportunities to grow and improve. When Google Pay and Apple Pay was introduced, MONETA was among the first to adopt it as well as the first on the market to introduce contactless payments and a fully-online account opening process.

MONETA creates and delivers products that make the lives of both its clients and employees easier and more convenient. MONETA values collaboration as the cornerstone of progress. Which is why sharing ideas and different points of view is always encouraged.

We are currently seeking driven specialists and experienced professionals that can help us push the bank forward. There is no job too big or too small, both junior and senior IT specialists, from testers and analysts to developers, can find their new position in our IT division.

There are about 300 specialist working in IT, 60% in development and 40% in operations. Team independence is encouraged. Business and development divisions cooperate on creating and implementing products. The work is well divided. As of today, we release monthly but we are working in biweekly sprints. The DevOps approach and overall digitization of the company tremendously improves workflow.

After your remote interview has been concluded and the offer has been accepted, you will be connected with our relocation specialists. They will help with procuring the required visas, and also help with the necessary paperwork in the Czech Republic. To ensure a seamless transition, we will also help you find appropriate accommodation. All of this free of charge, of course.

Working in MONETA, you will never feel out of place. MONETA provides a friendly, light-hearted atmosphere and a multicultural environment with lots of employees speaking English. Whether you like working from home or in our modern offices with state-of-the-art facilities, you can always count on being part of a great team.

MONETA promotes equality, fair working conditions, and access to opportunities for all, and most importantly, an ongoing back-and-forth with employees which helps push diversity and inclusivity even further. MONETA provides an above-and-beyond support for parents returning to work, ensures equal rights of LGBTQ+ employees even beyond the protection covered by Czech legislation.

More about Social responsibility

Enjoy 12 days of working remotely each month. When in the office, MONETA offers a modern work environment in an open-space concept adapted to agile life but with your own workspace (no desk sharing), and on top of this – a rooftop terrace.

MONETA cares about the health and wellbeing of its employees, that's why every Wednesday there is free fruit for everyone, and you can also enjoy a discounted membership in state-of-the-art VIP wellness and fitness facilities of Balance Club which is right across the street. Last but not least, if you need to get away or run errands, MONETA's fleet of electric cars is available to be rented even for private purposes. There is also an annual budget that can be spent on food, leisure and health activities (fitness, wellness, Multisport card...), books, courses, and much more.


digital leader

on the Czech
banking market


IT enthusiasts

in our Prague or Ostrava headquarters


days off

to every employee

Pushing the limits of IT

It’s the people that make MONETA what it is today. IT enthusiasts who think outside the box to bring exciting innovation that sets trends across markets and industries

Driven by technology

New challenges are a source of inspiration. We're customizing Liferay in React and Java. We rely on Bitbucket, Artifactory and Jenkins. We're on first name basis with Docker and Kubernetes. Teams are built by product, not by platform. This keeps the application development moving forward.

Innovation that you can see

As a four-time recipient of the Innovator of the Year Award, MONETA is considered a digital leader on the Czech banking market. According to an independent assessment by Deloitte, we are among the top 10% of digital champions worldwide. The Smart Banka mobile app keeps surpassing annual rankings across the Czech banking market year after year and has been awarded by VISA and MasterCard.

Agile – not just a buzzword

While collaboration is important, independence of teams is highly encouraged and supported. Work load is always well divided to ensure that the releases go as smoothly as possible. The DevOps approach and overall digitization of the company tremendously improves workflow.

Among the first in cloud

Moneta was among the first banks to move to the cloud. With over half of the total 200 applications and both data centers successfully moved we continue to optimize operations.

We are here for you

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Smooth onboarding

As soon as all of the paperwork has been cleared, we will be happy to welcome you in our great team. Then, you will be introduced to your wonderful new colleagues, but also a detail adaptation plan, buddy, manager, and our HR Business partner who will be happy to assist you with anything you need.

Quick start

To make sure you become a fully-fledged member of our team as soon as possible, you will be provided everything you need from IT equipment to system accesses on your very first day.